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I’m helping you, dear bootstrapping techpreneur, to sell more of your flagship products. In my blog, I’m sharing what I learned and teach everything I know in terms of copywriting.

Read why I started writing and how to decipher the noisy world of sales and marketing.

My goal is to get to know you, convince you about my expertise and build up trust. I want to help you sell more and enjoy the process along the way. Commit to me, so I can commit to you—to the very last full stop. All-in!

Sell more with efficient 🐝 email copy

Something is wrong.

You’re working smart and hard—as a bee.

Your product is fantastic.

And sales? Only crickets, lots of them… 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

Everyone tells you to „run ads on Instagram“, „do content marketing”and „increase email subscribers”. Great tips but none of the three is your problem.

Your email subscribers aren’t buying, you don’t know why?

Luck is playing your cards

You’ve been guessing at what to say because you never had the right words. No new subscriber felt like you were understanding them, so most of them unsubscribed. Yes, you sold something here and then but if you make a sale, it’s by accident.

You’re a very lucky person if you can „accidentally“ grow your business. But if you don’t believe in luck, get in charge of your sales message yourself. Do what’s in your hands to control and let the „lucky“ people get their cards sorted by others.

Learn 3 tricks (and a secret ingredient) to write higher-converting email copy that you can apply immediately and sells while you sleep (without increasing subscribers and without luck)

In this 3-part email course, you learn how to say the right thing at the right time to the right person, and you will learn a no-brainer sales formula that a community peer has applied successfully. I'm happy to share it with you.

Stay subscribed. After the email course, I will send you an email once a week in which you will learn to write email copy that sells without feeling awkward, how to position yourself as the obvious solution and how to make your email subscribers feel like you’re reading their mind.

In my weekly email 📧 tip I will also show you how to improve the copywriting of the email campaigns for your product newsletter, never run out of topics and ideas to write, and be original and unique.

You can also expect an observation of the copywriting world, a lesson from the front lines, or a timeless advice that is worth remembering when writing email copy and copy in general. But always only one piece to learn, never overwhelming and never too long or boring to read. A clear takeaway with added value after you read my email. That is my goal. If you don’t find this kind of value in my emails, unsubscribe anytime.

Blog content

In my blog I teach the foundations of copywriting, you can read the lessons below.


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How to write excellent sales copy now

Copywriting is the art and science of using words that motivate your reader to a certain action: a purchase. But it can also be a share, a comment or a thumbs-up.

The core of copywriting is to use the right words in the right order—targeted with the right product at the right person to the right time. You have to do everything right. That’s why selling is so hard.

The following 10 lessons are designed to give you the basics to write great copy yourself.

How to write convincing sales texts that people read

Lesson 1 ✅

The second most important element in copywriting

Lesson 2 ✅

What Shakespeare can teach you about copywriting

Lesson 3 ✍️

How to write headlines that work

Lesson 4 🔎

How to write headlines that bring results

Lesson 5 🔎

The structure of persuasive copywriting

Lesson 6 🔎

Why good copywriting turns features into benefits

Lesson 7 🔎

How to make an offer that can not be rejected

Lesson 8 🔎

Do you offer a great guarantee?

Lesson 9 🔎

„How long should my copy be?“

Lesson 10 🔎

The secret of great copywriters that nobody tells you

Note: The German affenblog (now: Chimpify) has inspired me to write this 10-part series. The content of the series and its German by-hand translation is tailor-made to the context of copywriting (writing sales texts). Important and educating information should be spread by many people. This is what I do with this series and the following educational articles.

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