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I vaccinate high-converting email campaigns into your tech startup and I cure low-engaging email sequences because they’re sick.

Emails are alive. In 2019, estimated 300 billion emails will we have sent and received.

Emails are personal. They are intimate. You are close to the reader. He actually opens the email because the message is only for him. Your email makes him feel special.

Email is the most effective form of marketing in terms of engagement. It’s not a surprise. In email you talk 1-on–1. Email is like a chat with a friend at your Starbucks. You share what you wouldn’t post online. Through email you feel comfortable to open up.

Your reader cares about you first and buys your product after.

Email is not about total numbers. You’re not reaching every single subscriber. You’re reaching the top 10 percent that are the most engaged, because those people are your customers.

Everyone knows email is important

Emails convert higher than social media. Real-world numbers show that. Proof is here. Your reader cares about you because you cared about him first. You connect as people. Then you connect him to your product. Email helps build a connection from a reader who doesn’t know you to a person who buys your product - again and again and again. And, I’m your companion writing these emails.

Email Health 💌 Care is my healthcare service for your email marketing. I help you so your reader cares about you and buys your product.

Get your high-converting email copy in 2 steps or learn below 👇 the tricks (and a secret ingredient) to say the right thing at the right time to the right person.

P.S. Caring is a contagious chain reaction, so is hope. You pass it on, intuitively.

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