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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of your service and who’s behind?

Copywriting Delivery is the full name (or short: CwD). Behind it is me, Alexander Kluge and a lot of copywriting experts’ knowledge. I’m running a small independent company with multiple ventures and projects; copywriting is one of them. I’ve been writing commercially since 2011 and teaching copywriting since 2016.

Do you always deliver in 24 hours?

Yes, sometimes much faster. But never more than 24 hours unless the final document has more than 1,000 words.

24 hours no matter how long the document is?

If your document (my delivery to you) has more than 1,000 words, I need more time. You can soon use my estimator on the home page to find out how long it would take.

Do you accept orders on weekends?

No. It’s important to have time for rest, recovery, philosophy and play.

I don’t know how many words I need from you. How do you know the final amount of words in your delivery, and accordingly, how much do you charge me?

Based on my experience, I make an estimation on the number of words I’ll write for you. I’m a word economist. That’s why I write the optimum quantity of words, not too much not too little. This has two benefits: The prospect reads fewer words, and you pay less money.

With that in mind, I do include a 15-percent safety margin in my estimate. For example, you hire me to write a sales letter for a landing page. I estimate 4.000 words. I add 600 words on top of that and charge you 4.600 words.

But, I work in increments of 500 words. That’s why I don’t charge you more even if I write up to 5.100 words. And you’re ok having paid for 4.600 words even if I deliver 4.100 words. I find this a fair compromise for both of us.

If I end up writing only 3.500 words you get a refund worth 1.000 words (two increments of 500) because 3.500 is 600 words less than the tolerance line of 4.100 words.

Vice versa when I’m writing 5.500 words. The difference to the tolerance line of 5.100 is 400 words and since I’m using increments of 500 I send another invoice worth 500 words before my final delivery to you. I send this extra invoice together with the second 50-percent invoice (see the full process).

What happens if you accept my request?

We follow every step of my process:

  1. I telegram you a quote within 24 hours after I received your filled-out questionnaire and estimated the expected word count.
  2. You accept in three steps: 1) You telegram „I accept.“ 2) You pay 50 percent of the total amount and 3) you telegram the confirmation of your transaction.
  3. Once confirmed on my end I reply „Transaction 1/2 confirmed, the work has begun. Clock is ticking. Latest delivery until tomorrow’s 6pm (CET) unless it’s a Saturday or a Sunday“.
  4. You confirm with „Ok“. Then the countdown starts.
  5. I deliver the final document before expiry (6pm) in a non-editable format (usually a .jpg image). This gives you the chance to see the result and have the good feeling that I did a great job. But I don’t allow you to use the text with no complete payment made. That’s why step five to seven make sure that both of us get what we want: awesome copy, added business value, happy client, proud copywriter, and a full, non-delayed payment (step 6).
  6. You pay the other 50 percent and telegram the confirmation of your transaction. At this point it may or may not be later than 6pm. However, I delivered on time, and now it’s your turn to complete the payment and do what’s necessary to finish the project.
  7. Once confirmed on my end I reply „Transaction 2/2 confirmed, here is the final document.“ and I deliver the final document in Markdown format (with an .md file extension). Markdown has two advantages: It’s plain text (no odd Microsoft Word format that can break) and it’s flexible (you can export to HTML, a PDF file or even Microsoft Word).
  8. Optional: I invite exceptionally happy clients to a review call in which we decide whether to continuously work together or let it be a one-off affair. I prefer the former.

Here’s an example of how the process works: If I accept your request at 9am today you won’t receive the delivery at tomorrow’s 9am but until tomorrow’s 6pm.

6pm (CET) is my fixed hour of delivery to avoid having to send your final document at odd hours of the day (or night). I believe it’s nice to receive a gift (the finished copy) at the end of the work day - this applies to European timezones only, of course.

Keep in mind, if you or I break the process (for reasons not related to either a late delivery or when you’re not happy with my work), I cancel the project, refund all payments and stop working immediately. I literally drop the pen. No copy will leave my desk and arrive at yours, and we have the chance to start all over again with a filled-out questionnaire.

What happens if you don’t accept my request?

In case I deny, there’s nothing you or I have to do. You won’t hear from me.

I don’t need a delivery within 24 hours, what’s the process?

It’s same process as a 24-hour delivery. But there’s time for more questions and deeper research. Then I’m also able to go into the 2nd level with you, for even more success.

My 2-level questionnaire system

I operate within a two-level questionnaire system. Every request goes through the first level, and 24-hour-turnaround projects stay on that level 1 because of the obvious shortage of time. This is also true for projects with deadlines of up to 96 hours of delivery. When time and quick wins are of the essence, a level–1 delivery is the right choice.

Projects with a lifespan longer than 96 hours go through the entry-level questionnaire and the in-depth 2nd-level questionnaire. A level–2 delivery is the right choice for maximum business success. I usually have a video call with prospects going through the second level with me.

Can you write copy for technical products and academic subjects?

Yes. But if your project is too technical for me to understand, I will let you know within 24 hours after I’ve seen your filled-out questionnaire.

What languages do you write in?

English and German whereas the latter is my mother tongue.

What if you take longer than 24 hours?

You will get a refund and still get the full sales copy.

How do you deliver the sales copy to me?

In an encrypted Telegram message and (if required) through a secure link with additional deliverables that only you can access.

Do you accept orders from outside of Europe?

Yes, of course.

What if I’m not happy with your work?

If you’re not happy with my work because I didn’t meet your business goals, you will get a refund and still get the full sales copy. Please telegram me and tell me which business objectives were not met. I’ll then review your order immediately.

I don’t want to use Telegram to communicate with you, what can I do?

Unless you have a very secure way to transfer sensitive information (your email communication is probably not encrypted), Telegram is the safe and secure way in which I communicate with my clients. Email encryption works but is a hassle to set up, and I’d rather make a new client sign up for Telegram (which is easy and fast) than bothering him or her with setting up PGP or S/MIME.

Can you proofread, edit and improve briefing material?


What is included in the copywriting delivery?

My best sales copy text and the smartest delivery according to the briefing and business objectives you sent me in the questionnaire.

Can you apply a specific copywriting style?

Yes, as long as I’m able to grasp what you mean and why this particular style helps achieve your business goals. If I’m not able to do so, I’d let you know immediately.

If you have any questions, telegram me.

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